Tic Tac Bets Terms & Conditions



By joining Tic Tac’s Management, and each time you place a bet, you agree to be bound by Tic Tac’s current terms and conditions and rules. If you do not agree to all the terms and conditions, you should not place bets with Tic Tac. Tic Tac may make changes to the terms and conditions, as we consider appropriate. Clients should therefore review the terms and conditions at regular intervals to stay abreast of any changes.

1. The minimum stake per transaction is ZAR R2.00

2. All Horse Race winning transactions are subject to a 6% government tax deduction’ and all sport winning transactions are subject to a 6.5%

3. Transaction may only be made in ZAR (South African Rands)

4. Credit is offered by Tic Tac, it is compulsory that the clients full names, residential address and contact details are obtained by Tic Tac to comply with North West Gambling Board and FICA regulations.

5. Any persons 18 Years or older can operate a Tic Tac betting account. Proof of identity, age and residency will be required prior to settling an account.

6. In order to ensure that we are in a financial position to make payment of our betting obligations, we have lodged financial guarantees with the North West Gambling Board.

7. All bets accepted by Tic Tac are subject to the individual sports terms and conditions or rules, obtainable on 7.1 Unless agreed to in writing and signed by the directors of Tic Tac, all individual and or multiple i.e.: (all to come on one ticket) betting transactions of whatsoever nature will be limited to a maximum payout (liability) of R1000K (One Million Rand) (tax to be thereafter deducted). Open Bet Limit – An open bet is a bet offered by Tic Tac on one or more events in which no fixed odds are agreed at the time the bet is placed and the winnings and therefore the payout is determined after the outcome of the event on which such bet was struck becomes known, with reference to dividends generated by a totalisator. 


All open bets are Limited to R30 000.00 or the Net Pool generated by the totalisator for the specific event and bet or bets for that specific event. Limits will apply to each client per bet type and per event, meaning that If a client has two winning pick six tickets amounting to more than R300 000, the maximum payout of R300 000.00 will apply. Limits will apply to each client per bet type and per event, meaning that If a client has two winning pick six tickets amounting to more than R300 000, the maximum If a number of bets containing the same selections are placed by more than one customer, and Tic Tac has reason to believe that these bets originated from or were placed on behalf of the same customer or syndicate of customers, 

Tic Tac reserves the right to limit the total winnings payable in respect thereof to the Pool Limit. Winning limits shall also apply to Win, Place, Swinger, Exacta, Trifecta, Quartet, Double, Place Accumulator, Jackpot, Pick 3, Pick 6. The maximum winnings in respect thereof will be limited to THE TOTAL NET POOL LIMIT of the local SAFTOTE pool or the R300 000.00 maximum payout limit. By way of example, if the total available pool on an Exacta is R2500, then this is maximum payout that may be distributed to customers who have selected the winning combination/s regardless of their stakes or the number of tickets. In this event, all winning combinations laid by Tic Tac will be divided into the Total Pool and a resultant dividend applied. If Tic Tac laid 1000 winning Exactas to a single or multiple customers and the Saftote dividend was R 3.50, Tic Tac would not pay R3500 (1000 x 3,5) but would recalculate the dividend to pay the Pool Limit of R2500. The open bet payouts will be limited by the number of dividends being paid by the totalisator. The totalisator pools will be divided by the number of open bet dividends paying for that race. Therefore if a race is paying 4 places, the totalisator place pool will be divided by 4 and that value shall be applied to each placing. By way of an example, if the net swinger pool is R3 000 and there are 3 swingers to be paid, the net pool for each swinger will be R1000 (R3000/3 swingers) and this shall be the open bet limit applied. Therefore if swingers are caught by customers with Tic Tac, and the total payout is R1 300, this payout will be reduced to R1000. The same applies to all open bets. 

Tic Tac reserves the right to use its discretions when paying out any open bets and by you using the Tic Tac website or placing a bet with Tic Tac you agree to these terms and conditions, unconditionally. Open Bets ie: Pick Six’s, Jackpots, other tote exotics (no matter how many times indicated in the same betting transaction e.g. Should the pick six be taken 20 times an amount limited up to R300K (Three Hundred Thousand) will be paid even though the Pick Six paid multiplied by 20 totals an amount which exceeds the limit) and betting transactions know as “all to comes”. In accordance to this and with this rule you hereby agree not to transact the same betting transaction (so as to circumvent this rule) in another separate betting transaction (either on your own account or by utilizing the account of another person or by taking a cash bet) and should you do so then you acknowledge that will have Tic Tac the right, in its sole unfettered discretion , to cancel the original and any other similar betting transactions to which you are a party i.e. before any of the events indicated in the betting transaction have commenced and or during or after any of the events have commenced and or have been completed i.e. In such circumstances you will only be entitled to a refund on the stake amount or the amount staked and more particularly will not be entitled to claim any amount should the whole or part of the betting transaction be have been successful or partially successfulI.In the Case of Soccer 66 and Rugby 55 maximum payout liabilities will be capped at R30 000.00 (Thirty Thousand Rands Only).

8. While every effort is made to accommodate our clients, Tic Tac reserves the right to refuse or limit any wager.

9. No bet may be changed, cancelled or modified by the bettor, in any way, once it has been received and accepted by Tic Tac.

10. All winning will be credited to the winning customers account only.

11. Account balances are the responsibility of the client and should be checked at every available opportunity.

12. In the event that funds are credited to customer’s account in error, it is incumbent upon the costumer to notify Tic Tac of the aforesaid error without delay. Unless otherwise notified by Tic Tac any transactions resulting from the error shall be void.

13. Tic Tac reserves the right to correct error where our operators may clearly have made a blatant mistake: in That case any price related error a general market average will be used.

14. Tic Tac shall in no way, under any no circumstances, be liable for any damages or losses, including without limitation, direct, indirect ,consequential, special incidental, or punitive damages deemed or alleged to have resulted from caused by the present website or its content, including without limitation any person use or misuse of this content.

15. Although every effort is made to carry out the correct information, we do not accept responsibility for any errors and/or omissions that may occur.
16. When our staff repeat the odds end event to the client it is the responsibility of the client to make sure that the information given is understood correctly.

17. In the interest of staff and client, all telephone calls are recorded and the recording used to settle all wagering disputes. If any dispute cannot be settled satisfactorily between Tic Tac management and the client, the matter shall be referred to a representative of the North West Gambling gambling board for the final determination and all wagers will be adjusted accordingly.

18. Disputes must be lodged within twenty eight (28) days from the date the wager in question has been decided. No claims will be honoured after this time period.

19. Clients making any bets must be 18 years of age or older.

20. Each client is wholly responsible for the secrecy of his betting account and should make every effort to prevent the use of personal account number by any third party, as any transaction entered into where the account holders number has been to affect a wager, shall stand as bona fide transactions dependant only upon the current balance of the account.

21. In the event that a customer suspects that a third party may have their password or username, the customer may at any time ask that Tic Tac furnish the customer with a new password and username.

22. It is possible to bet on singles and multiples, it is also possible unless otherwise state, to combine different sports events in one bet.

23. Multiple bets will be accepted with any in play odds.

24. Multiple bets are not accepted where the outcome of one of the bet contributes to the outcome of another. If a client inadvertently or deliberately backs a related contingency in a multiple bet, the bet will be voided and stakes returned. A. any multiple made up of more than one selection from the same event will be deemed a related contingency.

25. Unless an event is being covered by Tic Tac betting in running service, bets placed after the start of the relative event will be considered void.

26. Bets on correct score and first goal scorer will be accepted up to the GMT kick of time, if a bet is inadvertently accepted after this time, that bet will be treated as a non runner, with the remaining settled accordingly.

27. Dead Heats: in any competition where the draw is not offered as a three way option (excluding north American sports and one day cricket matches) any wagers placed on a drawn event shall be resulted according to the following formula: A full face value of the ticket (stake plus payout) divided by the number of the dead heat count. I.e. a bet on team A V team B R100 team A at 1.85 would return R94.50.

28. For all sports unless clearly stated, events whose starts time is postponed and then rescheduled to a time more than 48 Hours after the original start time will automatically be deemed void for settling purposes, and all money will be credited accordingly.

29. If a void match is included in a multiple bet, that bet is treated as a “non runner” and the outcome of the multiple will be decided on the result on the remaining legs.

30. If a match is called off in running and the outcome is postponed to later date, the decision of CGM on whether the bet should be voided or carried forward will be final.

31. Bets on sporting events will always be settled on the podium positions of the competitors. Subsequent disqualification or promotion is irrelevant for betting purposes.

32. All bets made straight out and at the line or start are not subject to extra time unless otherwise specified.

33. Ante Post Betting. An Ante Post Bet is a bet placed on a horse race / sporting event prior to the final acceptance / start of sport event. Ante Post bets are accepted on the basis all in run or not, (unless otherwise stipulated), i.e. if a selection does not take part the bet is deemed a loser. Future Doubles betting is all in run or not, even after final acceptance of start / start of sport event.

34. If any dispute is not able to be resolved between the client and Tic Tac, the dispute will be settled by the bookmakers association and the North West Gambling Board.

Tic Tac faxes, emails website and or any communication branding the Tic Tac name accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of any information, whether in numerical, text or graphical form, presented on our website or any other forms, including but not limited to any information relating to sports or race fixtures, locations, odds, time or results (“the information”) Tic further accepts no responsibility for any information by any person. 


Tic Tac and all forms of Tic Tac communication, does not accepts any liability for any losses incurred or damages suffered (including economic or consequential loss) either directly or indirectly, on any part of information displayed or otherwise made available on the Tic Tac website and or any Tic Tac information and or communication supplied, including such loss or damage arising from any negligence of CGM, it employees, agents or consultants. Terms and conditions apply to all branches within South Africa.

Including compliance to the Consumer Data Protection Act.